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Destiny 2 - Titan

On Titan I worked on the Sinking Docks and Arboretum spaces, working with world artists Jeroen Maton, Ray Broscovak, Julio Juarez, and Kevin Whitmeyer, along with Daniel Grafstrom and Robbie Stevens for design, and Daniel Thiger, Ethan Scheu, and Steve Klipowicz for palette art. The goal was to emphasize mood with the Hive infestation, and show how the highly advanced arcology system had fallen into a creepy state of preserved disrepair. To that end, I worked heavily with lighting effects like volumetrics and custom lens flares, as well as created LUTs for color grading. I also created several dynamic elements for lighting state changes, such as the "artificial sky ceiling projection" in the Arboretum which changes between day and night modes.